The wind whistling outside was almost loud enough to cover the sound of Sakura’s breathing. A feat Sasuke would have thought impossible considering how closely she clung to him in the shelter of their tent.

Sasuke shifted and Sakura adjusted herself in her sleep. Sakura got cold easily and always moved closer to whatever source of warmth she could find.

The two of them use to sleep on separate bedrolls but after months of traveling and marriage those same sleeping mats now lay side by side. The space was still too small for two but husband and wife slept with tangled legs and arms thrown over waists, seeking to be as close as possible even when they were far away in the realm of dreams.

Sakura is small and provides no warmth, but there is a different sort of comfort that Sasuke finds when it comes to laying close. The rhythmic sound of soft breathing causes his mind to settle in a sort of tingling haze. It’s a sort of pleasure that was once hard to summon but is something granted to him every night now.

“Autonomous sensory meridian response,” his brilliant wife offered once with a soft smile. It was a term he had not known before but Sakura remedied that by rambling on about the topic, unintentionally causing the same tingling haze to begin on his scalp and work its way down his neck.

Sasuke shifted again and Sakura once more adjusted herself in her sleep. Always following after him even when she did not know it. Sasuke exhaled through his nose a soft laugh that wouldn’t wake her up.

Softly, gently as possible, Sasuke’s hand roamed over Sakura’s form and attended to his favorite night time habit. He lightly traced soft circles along Sakura’s lower abdomen and up the gentle slope of her belly, home to the life they created together.

Another gust of wind had Sakura whimpering in her sleep until Sasuke drew her closer. She settled with a content sigh against him.

She was the one that wanted to come to Land of Snow.

Sasuke sighed and wrapped their blankets tighter around their bodies.

Although it would have been more comfortable to sleep with Sakura’s back flushed against his front, this was his preferred way to sleep.

Side by side and facing each other, the love of both their lives safely snuggled between them.

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