Eskimo Kisses

There was an odd ritual that Sakura and Sarada had that at first confused Sasuke but then he realized was quite familiar.

Everyday when either Sakura or Sarada came home from being outside in the cold all day they would find one another and rub their noses together. The one that had been indoors would squeal at the coldness of the other’s nose while the other would laugh at their momentary discomfort.

It had been a habit of Sakura’s when they were traveling around in the winter. Her nose would become ice cold and she would attempt to sneak up on Sasuke to press her cold nose against his face. The first time she had rubbed her nose against his he was baffled and appalled at his own embarrassment. He was fully expecting her to try and give him a kiss and she had shocked him with the feel of tiny nose pressed against his own, rubbing from side to side.

Sasuke didn’t mind the cold but there was nothing that worked like a better wake up call than Sakura’s chilled to the bone nose.

It became a weird game of “is it a kiss or is it a weird rubbing thing” between the two of them. It carried on mostly during winter when Sakura realized how Sasuke would jump slightly when she did it. Occasionally Sasuke would turn it back around on her as she would help when he would wait until she was all bundled up and warm and his skin was all icy to give her what she called an “eskimo kiss.”

It was an act he only attempted in private but it was amusing to hear Sakura yelp in shock. She would glare at him and stick out her tongue when he got his payback.

Sort of like what Sarada did now whenever his wife snuck up on her. Sarada’s cheeks would puff up and her eyebrows would pull down in a pout and she would scold her mother with a “oh, real mature Mama.”

It was sweet but sometimes Sasuke couldn’t help but feel left out. He did not regret going on his mission but he did regret all of the time he had missed out on with Sarada. She was growing up and soon enough she wouldn’t have time for “Mama” or “Papa.”

A draft came in as the door to their apartment was opened. Sarada’s voice traveled into the family room as she stated that she was home. Sasuke welcomed her home and turned his attention back to his scroll. He was sure he would hear her small feet bounding for the kitchen to make something warm to drink.

Her mother wasn’t home so there was no need to tiptoe and try to sneak up on her.


Sasuke looked up, surprised to see Sarada standing right in front of him. This wasn’t part of her routine. She would usually ask if he wanted tea and head straight for the kitchen to pull out bags of his favorite green tea and her favorite black tea.

Sasuke’s eyes went wide as Sarada had bent down slightly to grind the tip of her nose against his. Her cheeks and the bridge of her nose were pink either from the cold outside or embarrassment. Possibly a combination of both.

Sasuke was too startled by the suddenness to even flinch at how cold Sarada’s nose was. He just blinked up at her as she smiled down at him mischievously.

“Want some tea, Papa?” she asked over her shoulder as she headed toward the kitchen.

“Aa, Sasuke replied, hiding his face behind his scroll, the tips of his ears having turned a light shade of red.

He smiled to himself as he continued to read. Sometimes, certain behavior was okay to pass on.

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