Welcome to Chronically Day!

You may know me around the internet under different names [ChronicallyChill, pain_somnia, and pain-somnia] but now I have my own site~

Trying to find a home for all of my written works, fanfiction and original, and hopefully this is the place for all of it.

If you have been a reader for a long time, you already know that I wrote a fic called The Planning of a Matriarch. I will not be posting it on this site for the time being, but it’s available to read on my FanFic page.

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So Where Do You Wanna Go?

Personal Posts
A list of blog entries. These could discuss my stories or my fanfics but mostly these are personal ramblings.

Listed below are my many multi-chapter fics. For my one-shots you can find them in the menu under One-Shots.

A Gift From The Universe
Status: Ongoing
Pairing: SasuSaku, ShiItaIzu, InoSai
Rating: M
Genre: Romance, Non-Massacre
Summary: There was something magnetizing, pulling them closer. They were drawn to each other. Almost as if it was something that couldn’t be helped. Just meant to be .

Status: Ongoing
Pairing: SasuSaku, ShiItaIzu
Rating M
Genre: Romance, Fantasy
Summary: He wasn’t what she was expecting but when the lightning and smoke cleared both of their lives changed forever when he appeared in the center of her summoning seal.

Status: Ongoing
Pairing: SasuSaku
Rating: M
Genre: Romance, Drama, College AU, Mutual Pining
Summary: There was a push and pull, a push and pull, between the two of them. There was a safety in the “push” but something just kept “pulling” and pulling….and pulling…

Kingdom For Two
Status: Ongoing
Pairing: SasuSaku
Rated M
Genre: Romance, Drama
Summary: Twenty feet. There’s only twenty feet between their houses. But some days it felt like they were in different continents. Childhood friends turned secret lovers.

Status: Ongoing
Pairing: SasuSaku
Rating: M
Genre: Romance
Summary: The way to someone‚Äôs heart can sometimes be their stomach. Chefsuke AU

Status: Ongoing
Pairing: SasuSaku
Rating: M
Genre: Romance, Fantasy/Sci-Fi
Summary: Not a multi-chapter but a series of one-shots. A vamp!Sasuke and donor!Sakura AU. Vampires and humans coexist in a modern setting.

With Friends Like Ours Anywhere Is Home
Status: Ongoing
Pairing(s): SasuSaku, ItaKarin
Rating: M
Genre: Modern AU
Summary: A Team Taka fic about drunk shenanigans and that transition phase from college to adulthood.