The following fics are one-shots written based on prompts left in my tumblr inbox.

Disclaimer: This story will utilize characters and situations that are the copyright of Masashi Kishimoto, Shueisha, Shonen Jump, and Viz Media. Chronically Day is in no way associated with the creator or producers of Naruto and no copyright infringement is intended. Obviously this is a fanfic meant solely for the entertainment of the fanfic author and (hopefully) it’s readers.

Title: Call Me By My Name
Prompt: Vampire Sakura
Rating: M
Summary: requested by @chokobumblebee a vampire story; rating due to very mild sexual content, blink and you miss it perhaps? I make a Blood + reference in here lol; kind of angsty so heads up

Title: Cup of Joe
Prompt: Break Up and Make Up
Rating: T
Summary: requested by @kimono here’s a modern au; used some elements of a florist/tattoo artist au headcanon thread I wrote for some friends; this was interesting to write because it’s a couple I can’t imagine having a big falling out that would require making up

Title: Guest
Prompt: Obon Festival
Rating: K+
Summary: requested by @fatalfascination it’s a ghost story.

Title: Devotion
Prompt: Fight
Rating: K+
Summary: requested by @ladywithpurplehair I decided to expand on an event in The Planning of a Matriarch because she loves that fic so much; the scene follows the events in chapter 3. That fic has been discontinued. In the language of flowers, lavenders mean devotion.

Title: Only You
Prompt: Cop Sasuke
Rating: T
Summary: requested by anon I made this a “Cop Sasuke” in an Altered Carbon AU (so sci-fi everyone); turns out @saradacchi knows what’s good for me because I started watching last night and I love it and I was inspired to write this one-shot. Of course it’s Sasuke-centric.

Title: “Shhh”
Rating: T
Summary: an anon sent a request for a professor/student prompt so I decided that I really wanted to do a Hogwarts AU one-shot; SasuSaku is a total SlytherClaw couple

Title: Melusine
Prompt: Shape of Water AU
Rating: M
Summary: He wasn’t supposed to be in there. It was the one room he wasn’t allowed to enter but he did. And inside that room…inside that room lay a pool of water with a creature that wasn’t supposed to exist either. Only inspired from A Shape of Water, not a direct AU and requested by an anon.