Winter 2017 Requests

Prompt requests with winter as the theme.

Disclaimer: These stories will utilize characters and situations that are the copyright of Masashi Kishimoto, Shueisha, Shonen Jump, and Viz Media. Chronically Day is in no way associated with the creator or producers of Naruto and no copyright infringement is intended. Obviously these are fanfics meant solely for the entertainment of the fanfic author and (hopefully) it’s readers.

The following canon-compliant one-shots can be read in the order as listed if the reader would like to read them in chronological order.

Parade of Lights
Sasuke and Sakura visit the Land of Waves for a festival of lights. A mash of two requests by @enrimoe (traveling!SS) and @ivypoison (parade of lights).

During a visit to the Land of Hot Water, Sakura mopes about restrictions during pregnancy in Yugakure.

The Land of Spring is still undergoing their period of winter and is the Land of Snow and Sasuke and Sakura curl up together for warmth in their small tent. Requested by @gyuppii

Eskimo Kisses
It’s an odd sort of tradition and Sarada is not leaving her father out of it. Requested by anon.

With her Papa around Sarada doesn’t miss the warmth of a roaring fire. Requested by anon.

First Snow
Footprints side by side in a winter wonderland makes for the perfect snowy day. Requested by @stelduggery and @enrimoe

Accidentally Setting The Christmas Tree On Fire
Real Life AU requested by @kuriquinn