Patreon Info and Sneak Peeks

Hello everyone! If you have been a follower of mine for a while, then you are aware that I have a Patreon page. Here’s a look at what is available and also links to previews that are available for free.

You must be 18+ in order to access my Patreon. I am not liable for minors reading and viewing content they shouldn’t be. You were warned before entering my page. Please be honest and proceed at your own risk.


A Rhythm That Guides
Rating: M (for sexual content)
Summary: An Incubus/College AU

It was happening again.

Lately, in his afternoon lecture class, he was getting a painful empty feeling in his lower stomach. He wasn’t eating as much as he used to during his lunch break so that could have explained the empty feeling.

But the throbbing between his legs was making Sasuke consider that perhaps, something else was going on.

Part One is available for preview

Slowly, But Surely
M (for eventual smut)
Summary: Arranged Marriage/Non Warring Period AU

He’s lucky he supposes.

It’s the thought he has as he peers through his lashes to sneak glances at his bride-to-be sitting across from him. She isn’t older than he is and not so much younger—born in the spring after his own birth.

And she’s beautiful.

Though he shouldn’t be surprised at that fact if his mother had a say in the daughter that was chosen for him.

Take Me Now, I’m In Too Far
M (for sexual content)
Exes as Roommates AU

“So is this the end of the discussion?” Sasuke’s eyes drifted from her to the hallway behind her. It was late and all he wanted was to get to bed. “I don’t really see any problem with us living together. You didn’t even notice that I was here for three days.”

The problem is that I never got over you. “Alright, if there’s no problem then let’s go over the rules.”

“Rules?” Sasuke gave her a blank look.

“Yes, rules. Karin and I had them and now so will we.”

“Okay.” Sasuke crossed his arms in front of his chest and leaned against the island. “What are your rules?”

Part One is available for preview

Other Available Content:

Text Fics
Patrons that pledge for the Li’l Spoons, Chronic Reader, and Spoon Donor tiers, have the perk of voting to help me decide which group of characters are involved in or the theme of exclusive text fics that are only available on my Patreon! These fics are texts and group chats between different characters and SasuSaku set in Modern AUs that are occasionally related, but usually are not. These quick fics are at least 1.5k words and are fluffy and super funny.

As stated above, polls are available to specific tiers. These votes help guide me in what content to make. That not only counts for the content of my exclusive text fics but occasionally for what content I will be updating. Once I am caught up on my exclusive multichapter fics, polls will be available be made available for higher paying tiers on what kind of AU the next exclusive fic will be. Sometimes I’m also stuck on decisions and need help, which means I’ll set up a poll!

Spoon Donor Fics/Commissions
I have an amazing tier where patrons can request commissions. I do accept commissions outside of Patreon, but this tier gets a pretty good deal. It’s a couple bucks cheaper for a 2.5-3k word fic (but I usually go over and give you a bonus amount of words). But whether they come from Patreon or outside of Patreon, you all get early access to commissions or shared exclusive access if the commissioner decides they don’t want me to post publicly. My rule is that Patreon gets to read everything I make.

Prompts & Challenges
Sometimes I’ll partake in challenges on the Naruto Multishippers Anonymous Discord server. I end up making drabbles and try to hit at least 500 words, but they don’t all make it that high. The cool thing though, is that other than the members that swing by for the challenges whether to participate or just enjoy the content, you all are the only other people that get to read these. These are short little drabbles that I use as a creative exercise and it’s exclusive to NMA and you guys here!

Chronic Readers and Spoon Donors have the perk of receiving exclusive PDFs of my fics that contain high res exclusive art for them that no one else will. There are exemptions for some artists like Cj (ceejss) who shares the high res pieces on their Patreon and sometimes Low Res on Twitter. I even sometimes post sneak peeks to art I’m getting made and have them blocked to certain tiers if I need to.

But if you pledge for a lower tier don’t get down! This tag isn’t just for them. Some PDFs are available to them for earlier access and then will be available to the lower paying tiers days later! I don’t only get art for my exclusive fics but for other fics of mine that have been publicly posted. When I’m able to, I’ll use the Patreon funds I receive or parts of my paycheck to get art to share with all of you here and I’ll make you all pretty PDFs. Please remember not to repost these, they’re special for all of you.