WFLO Chapter 2

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💕 Darling 💕: I may have committed crimes last night

🌸 Wifey 🌸: oh no

💕 Darling 💕: Tenten dumped Karin

🌸 Wifey 🌸: OH NO

💕 Darling 💕: So there was drinking involved. So I was drunk.

🌸 Wifey 🌸: How is it that usually you are incapable of getting drunk but somehow you manage to blackout when the four of you go bar hopping?

Water Ho: Do I even wanna kno why u have handcuffs?

💀 Edgelord 💀: ?

Water Ho: Someone handcuffed me to the pipes under ur kitchen sink and I’m pretty sure I’ve been here all nite

💀 Edgelord 💀: You better not have peed yourself


Karin U. changed the group’s name to “FOUR HUNGOVER FUCKS”

The Tolerable Uzumaki: Everyone still alive?

Sasuke U.: unfortunately

Water Ho: W o w

The Tolerable Uzumaki: I woke up in Sasuke’s tub where’s everyone else?

Sasuke U.: …are you still in my tub?

The Tolerable Uzumaki: I cant be bothered to move

The Tolerable Uzumaki: [ATTACH:IMG]

Water Ho: 😂

Water Ho: r u stuck 😂

The Tolerable Uzumaki: Thank Christ Sakura left her spa pillow here last time she visited

Sasuke U.: …and that your midget ass fits perfectly in the tub

The Tolerable Uzumaki: It’s too early for you to be completely intolerable Sasuke

Water Ho: thats just who he *is*


The Tolerable Uzumaki: Why is Suigetsu handcuffed lol

Prettiest Boy: No clue

The Tolerable Uzumaki: Why haven’t you uncuffed him yet

Prettiest Boy: I’m not in my apartment

The Tolerable Uzumaki: You ASSHOLE you left us to go get a burger didn’t you??

Prettiest Boy: No

The Tolerable Uzumaki: Then where the fuck are you?

Prettiest Boy: In the parking lot

The Tolerable Uzumaki: ???

The Tolerable Uzumaki: Don’t leave me on read hoe where the fuck are you

Prettiest Boy: I have no fucking idea why or how

Prettiest Boy: But I woke up in the backseat of my car

The Tolerable Uzumaki: Omg that’s right

The Tolerable Uzumaki: You said you missed your wife and then left

Little Red 💓: Your husband is an idiot

😇 Sasuke’s Saint of a Wife 😇: Sigh…did he get something pierced again?

Little Red 💓: No

Little Red 💓: Maybe

Little Red 💓: I haven’t seen him yet

Little Red 💓: He passed out in the back of his car because he was planning to drive to you

😇 Sasuke’s Saint of a Wife 😇: Oh thank God he passed out



Karin U.: He was locked in his car lol

Prettiest Boy: I wasn’t locked in my car

Prettiest Boy: I was just severely disoriented

Karin U.: Will you come back inside already? Sui is threatening to cook bacon

Soggy Boy: Yeah lol I should never be allowed in a kitchen who cuffed me in one

Prettiest Boy: …when did I get bacon?

Prettiest Boy: Did we steal bacon?

Karin U.: I think we bought groceries last night. Like plural. We stocked the fridge.

Soggy Boy: Whoo! We r productive when drunk

Prettiest Boy: Are we sure we paid? I woke up spooning a traffic cone and 3 wallets

Soggy Boy: Dibs on the wallets

Soggy Boy: Also the cone I might need that

Karin U.: We’re not keeping the wallets dumbass

Karin U.: I’m going to shower and I’m stealing your wife’s clothes Sasuke

Soggy Boy: Lol will they fit

Karin U.: We’re the same height asshole

Soggy Boy: yeah but not the same size ur…smaller

Karin U.: Sasuke, Suigetsu is sexually harassing me AND your wife

Prettiest Boy: Whack him with a pan it’s not like I use them

Sasuke Uchiha: Are you awake?

Sasuke Uchiha: Jūgo we’re going to grab something to eat do you want us to grab you something?

Sasuke Uchiha: Jūgo

Jūgo: Dude

Sasuke Uchiha: Okay wtf has Jūgo’s phone

Jūgo: Lol it’s me Sui

Jūgo: It was in my pocket

Jūgo: 😂😂😂

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😇 Sasuke’s Saint of a Wife 😇: pls send me that pic of Sasuke and the burger thanks 😘

Little Red 💓: It’s kind of sick how much you love him

Little Red 💓: [ATTACH:IMG]

Little Red 💓: I can’t believe this man eats his burger with a fried egg and pico de gallo

😇 Sasuke’s Saint of a Wife 😇: And pepper jack cheese! I eat mine with avocado

Little Red 💓: You guys are sick

😇 Sasuke’s Saint of a Wife 😇: Says the binch that uses a knife and fork


Water Ho: Well Big Man isnt at our apt

Water Ho: How is picking up Karin’s stuff from Tenten’s place going

💀 Edgelord 💀: She threw a toaster

Water Ho: Daaaaamn now i wish i went with her instead

💀 Edgelord 💀: lol just look at my Snapchat story

Soggy Boy: so not only did you throw a toaster but you also knocked over a bookcase

Red Midget: Did you find Jūgo??

Soggy Boy: and we thought Sasuke was the drama queen

Soggy Boy: Remember when he thought Sakura broke up with him and he locked himself in his room and just listened to The Smiths for 4 hours until he found out she didn’t break up with him? AND IT WAS JUST THAT 1 SONG

Red Midget: Did you find Jūgo?

Soggy Boy: depressing fucker

Red Midget: SUI FOCUS

Soggy Boy:

Soggy Boy: that fucking song


Sasuke U. joined the group

Karin U. joined the group

Suigetsu H. changed the group’s name to “Jūgo Search Party”

Suigetsu H.: On a scale from Jūgo auditioning for the university’s acapella group to Sasuke and Sakura eloping and being SECRETLY married for 3 months

Suigetsu H.: How bad was last night?

Red Midget: Mr. Uchiha finding out that Sasuke was in the ER and no one told him bad probably?

Suigetsu H.: How about Great Uncle Madara being in a whole different country without telling his family, bad?

Red Midget: The flowers arriving late for the Obito/Sasori wedding, bad?

💀 Edgelord 💀: why the fuck is my family the scale?

🦈 Sui 🦈: Did Sasuke send you that video?

Mrs. Sasuke Uchiha 💍: Omg yeah

Mrs. Sasuke Uchiha 💍: You guys are being nice, right?

🦈 Sui 🦈: I think Sasuke’s version of being nice involved pointing out that the coffee table was also hers and watching her drag it out the door

🦈 Sui 🦈: She kind of got stuck cuz she had to flip it on its side

🦈 Sui 🦈: But also we’re kind of busy looking for Jūgo

Mrs. Sasuke Uchiha 💍: what do you mean you’re looking for him?

🌸 Wifey 🌸: How drunk did you guys get last night

💕 Darling 💕: I woke up in my car

🌸 Wifey 🌸: And lost your friend apparently

💕 Darling 💕: I don’t understand how this always happens. He wasn’t at the drunk tank. He’s 6 foot 6, how do we lose someone that big every time we get smashed?

🌸 Wifey 🌸: Lol he’s over here. He’s been helping us bake.

💕 Darling 💕: What

🌸 Wifey 🌸: Yeah he showed up confused af

🌸 Wifey 🌸: You also sent me $150 through Zelle and the memo said “don’t let me make bad choices”

“Jūgo Search Party”

Sasuke U.: He’s with Sakura???

The Tolerable Uzumaki: How the actual fuck??

Water Ho: Big Man is where lol

Sasuke U.: Yeah I checked my bank statements because of all of that food in my kitchen and then my Uber account and apparently I ordered an Uber and Jūgo took it

Sasuke U.: No more fucking drinking for us

Water Ho: 😂😂😂

The Tolerable Uzumaki: Hoe you really think I’m going to give up alcohol?? LOL

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