Differential Chapter Thirteen: Stuck (Again)

Chapter Thirteen: Stuck (Again)

Sakura sighed, pushing her head back against the pillow she lay on and exposing her neck in the process. She giggled when Sasuke latched onto it with his lips. He continued to trail kisses up her neck to her jawline, pressing them all over her face.

“Hey…” Sakura whined softly causing him to laugh through his nose before he gave her what she wanted and pressed his lips to hers.

Sasuke caged her head between his forearms, holding himself up with them so he wouldn’t crush her. Sakura loved when he did that. She felt so safe and cared for, especially when he curled the strands of her hair around his fingers as his mouth moved languidly with hers.

“Hey,” Sakura breathed out as Sasuke caressed her nose with his own, “do you think your parents are up yet?”

She stroked his ribs lightly underneath his shirt, bending her knees to pull him closer to her. Sasuke dropped his weight and grinded his hips against hers, rubbing his hardness through their clothes. He pressed even harder against her when she hooked her ankles together on the small of his back, causing a moan to roll from her mouth onto his tongue.

“They probably won’t wake up for another hour or━”

“Sasuke? Honeeeey?”

“Or now,” Sasuke groaned, dropping his head into the crook of Sakura’s neck and shoulder.

“She probably saw your car sitting out front,” Sakura whispered. She raised her hips to meet his and continued to grind them together.“Do you think if we’re quiet she’ll think you’re sleeping and leave you alone?”

“Maybe.” His breath hitched when Sakura’s hands wandered down to stroke his lower stomach near the band of his sweatpants. “What? You’re not ready for her to start stuffing you with breakfast yet?”

“I just want to make out with my boyfriend.” The corners of her lips twitched around that last word. Boyfriend. Sasuke Uchiha was her boyfriend now. Unable to contain her glee, a smile spread across her face. She slipped her hands past the waistband of his boxers, gripping the base of his shaft.

“Keep that up and it won’t end at just making out.”

Sakura giggled softly as he groaned against her shoulder. She tugged on his cock and he kissed anywhere his mouth could reach with approval.

“Sasuke?” They heard Mikoto call for him, much closer than before.

Sasuke rolled over with a groan. “Can you go distract her? I’m going to the bathroom to take care of this.”

Stretching her arms, Sakura sat up and patted herself, making sure that her pajamas were properly on before grabbing his hoodie from its place on his chair and slipping out of his room.

“Sakura!” Mikoto wrapped her arms around her shoulders and hugged her as soon as she reached the bottom of the stairs. “I didn’t know you were coming back home this weekend. Good thing I cooked a lot. Where’s that boy?”

“He went to the bathroom. Said he would be down soon.”

“Huh?” Mikoto quirked an eyebrow up. “Usually getting him up before eleven is a struggle. Oh well, let’s eat up. I swear you’re always so much skinnier when you come back from school.”

Sakura took her usual seat at the breakfast table and let Mikoto pile eggs and turkey sausage on her plate. She hummed at necessary intervals as Sasuke’s mother chatted away, answering any questions directed towards her.

There wasn’t much of a change to how things usually were. This was how Sakura always interacted with Mikoto. It wasn’t even strange that she had slept over the first night of the weekend when she visited. Mikoto didn’t even question why she was wearing Sasuke’s white and navy blue striped zip up hoodie.

It was just an ordinary Saturday morning in the Uchiha household. Ordinary to everyone that wasn’t Sakura.

After her declaration the night before, Sakura was fully prepared to be rejected. Love and sex didn’t have to go hand in hand. Just because it did for her, it didn’t mean it did for Sasuke.

“Me?” Sasuke had cupped her face in his hands and rubbed circles with his thumbs on the sensitive skin under her eyes. “You have me.”

“No, like,” Sakura licked her lips, “actually have you. I want all of you.”

But he had responded with tender kisses and telling her that she had him for as long as she wanted him.

There was no sex last night and Sakura was sure it had something to do with what they had discussed before that, but Sasuke still held her and kissed her and there was nothing to complain about. Not when he made her feel like she was everything.

“‘Morning,” Sasuke greeted them and took the seat closest to Sakura. Nothing out of the ordinary there. His designated seat had always been right next to her.

“Mwuah!” Mikoto grabbed his face and placed a loud kiss on the top of his head. Sasuke grumbled at the contact but made no move to pull away. “Good morning, my love. You’re up early.”

“Someone wouldn’t let me sleep.”

You’re the one that woke me up.” Sakura nudged him with her foot under the table. She had been so warm and comfortable and would have kept sleeping if it weren’t for Sasuke poking her.

Mikoto chuckled softly, pouring herself some tea. “You two are like an old married couple.”

Sakura chose the wrong moment to take a gulp of orange juice and began choking. Sasuke thumped her back lightly until she held her hand up and told him she was good.

Sasuke’s mother had always made comments like that. It started from when she was five and forced Sasuke to play house with her. It got to be embarrassing when Sakura was fourteen and attempting to hide her crush on her son, but now it was awkward because Sasuke had only been her boyfriend less than eight hours.

The both of them had decided to keep it a secret that they were together until they were both back at their university. Being back home for the weekend meant they didn’t have to worry about their friends impeding on their time alone and if their parents found out there wouldn’t be any alone time at all.

“After you finish eating, you’re going to want to clean the snow off of your car, honey.” Mikoto gave him a sympathetic smile. “It will just make it harder to deal with if you wait.”

Sneaking her hand under the table to grab Sasuke’s, she held onto two of his fingers and squeezed lightly. “I’ll help,” she muttered.

“You don’t wanna go home?” Sasuke asked softly, brows drawn together in confusion. Sakura simply shook her head. No one would be home and she wanted to drag her time with Sasuke out as long as possible.

It was a selfish desire she used to make excuses for in the past. Comparing test results, making sure they didn’t do the same project for class, no one was home and she needed to come over, was sent over to help with something, etc. But now she didn’t have to make up any excuse.

A girlfriend could spend time together just because they wanted to.

And she was going to milk that as much as possible.

“Asshole!” Sakura shrieked, shivering as the snow slipped down her back. Quickly, she crouched down behind Sasuke’s car and packed snow into a ball before popping back up and flinging it at her traitor boyfriend.

She had been so kind as to help him free his car from all of the snow only for him to lift her up and throw her into the snow on his front yard. It was soft and she didn’t feel any pain on the landing but it was freezing. It had led to them chasing each other around. Sakura was smaller and her feet easily stuck in the half foot of snow, causing her to constantly fall down.

“Shit!” Sasuke slipped on a patch of snow on the recently exposed asphalt. Taking advantage, Sakura took some snow and pushed it onto his face, completely covering his glasses.

Blindly he stood up and shook the snow off of his glasses. Glaring at her, he stormed ahead, chasing the only bit of color he could see moving in the white world his poor vision created.

“Alright, that’s enough,” Sakura held up her hands defensively. “Sasuke? Sasuke, no! Game over!”

She shrieked yet again, laughter mixing in with her screams as he scooped her up and tossed her back into the snow.

“I win.” Sasuke smirked triumphantly before peppering her face with icy kisses.

“You’re a pain in the ass.”

“Uh-huh,” he murmured, his kisses warming up the more he pressed all over her face.

“Worse than Naruto.”

“Okay, that’s just insulting.” Sasuke withdrew from her and fell on his back. The both of them laid there on his front yard in comfortable silence.

Sakura’s let out a shaky exhale and groped around, reaching for Sasuke’s hand. As soon as she grabbed his jacket, he adjusted his arm so that she could slip her fingers into the spaces between his own.

Eventually the cold would become unbearable, but for now all she wanted was to exist in the moment.

The back of his neck felt cold. He should have ignored his mother, but when he was getting ready to head over to Sakura’s house she called him into the kitchen and sat him down for a haircut. He was lucky enough to escape with the bangs that fell over the left side of his face but his mother gave him no choice about the rest of his hair.

Pulling off his beanie, Sasuke ran a hand through his spiky hair. His head felt so much lighter. It was going to take a while to get used to having short hair again. But it would probably take less time than how long it took to get used to Sakura’s hair changes.

He sat at the bottom of the staircase and untied his boots. He set them neatly by Sakura’s wet sneakers and her wet clothes piled on the tile at the front entrance. She must have stripped completely naked as soon as she got home when they split up to take hot showers after messing around in the snow.

Sasuke scooped up the wet clothes and grabbed Sakura’s laundry bag that she brought from school and took them to the laundry room. He had just started a load of wash when he heard Sakura’s soft footsteps on the kitchen tile.

“Oh, thanks!” She thanked him, beaming up at him and Sasuke had to swallow. Sakura had flounced into her kitchen, barefoot and wearing nothing but tiny pink cotton shorts that peeked from below the white sweatshirt he had loaned her before winter break.

The combination of his old school sweatshirt from when he played basketball and her long hair was enough to remind him of what he wanted so much when he was seventeen. Back before he fucked up and made the wrong decision because he didn’t want to risk anything.

“Wow, I must have taken a longer shower than I thought.” Sakura giggled, standing on her toes and sinking her fingers into his freshly cut hair. “I haven’t seen your hair like this in a looong while.”

“Uh-huh.” Sasuke placed his hands on her hips and lifted her up on top of the dryer. He knew just how long. He had started growing it out around the same time Sakura had chopped all of hers off.

Right after her final recital.

“I brought your stuff over,” he mumbled, cupping Sakura’s elbows. She reached over and hooked her fingers through the belt loops of his jeans. She tugged him closer until he stood between her legs.

“Kind of wish you didn’t.” Sakura scrunched you her nose in distaste. “Now I have to pretend I actually care about working on my paper when we could just fool around all day.”

“You want to goof off?” He slid his hands down from her elbows and onto her thighs. He rubbed the tops of them, finger tips flirting with the hem of her shorts.

“Not like that,” She laughed. “Unless you wanna hop back in the shower right now. Karin says shower sex is shit but that it’s the cleanest for period sex.”

“Oh. I didn’t know you were, uh, on it.” The night before they had kept their touches to sweet kisses that punctuated their discussion. Sasuke had set up boundaries for the night.

“Unfortunately, I’m synced up with Ino. It just started.” Sakura rolled her eyes and hopped off the dryer. “Come on. We can hang out in the living room.”

Sakura’s definition of hanging out involved straddling him as he sat down on the wingback armchair in the living room. It was the same armchair Sasuke used to claim when the two of them and their friends hung out in her living room. The chair he used when his family was invited over.

God. He wasn’t going to be able to sit in this chair normally again.

“You don’t have to do that.” Sasuke wrapped his fingers around her wrist, halting her hand in its path below the band of his jeans.

With her free hand Sakura unbuttoned his jeans. “I know.” She pressed a wet kiss right below his jaw. “I want to.” She dragged her lips down his throat, sucking and nipping. “So let me do what I want Sasuke.”

“Well, alright,” Sasuke groaned as she wrapped her hand around his cock, “if that’s what you want.”

Sakura stroked him, building a nice even rhythm, dragging her thumb across his slit in the upstroke and smearing his precum on his shaft to assist in the glide of her hand. When Sakura tightened her fist, Sasuke took hold of her hips and gripped them tightly as his hips thrust upwards into her hand.

With her free hand Sakura cupped his face, keeping her mouth on his as his moans rolled against her tongue. 

Sasuke could almost feel himself toppling over the edge. Just a few more pumps, a thrust or two and—

“Did, did you just stop?” Sasuke stammered, eyes wide in shock.

“Yup.” Sakura nodded and cradled his face in both of her hands and kissed him slow and deep. “Relax. I’m going to finish you. Eventually.”

“Are you really trying out edging right now? In the middle of your parents’ living room?”

“Maybe.” Sakura’s shoulders shook from restrained laughter. “You’re honest to God pouting right now!”

“Finish me off.” Sasuke scowled, the back of his neck heating up. He wasn’t pouting!

“We have time.” Sakura sighed and wrapped her arms around Sasuke’s neck. “I’ve always wanted to do this.”

Sasuke sighed, his head falling back against the top of the armchair. “Frustrate me sexually?”

“No!” Sakura twirled the short strands of hair on the back of his neck with her fingers. “I meant like,” Sakura licked her lips, “we would tell our parents we had a project or something but really we were just sneaking kisses. Or we would offer to run to the store when they forgot something but really we just wanted an excuse to be alone without them watching us and being, you know, them. Is that weird?”

No, it wasn’t. Because that’s exactly what Sasuke had wanted for them. Back in high school. Now. He had known Sakura had been interested in him for a while but she made it sound like…

“How long have you wanted that for?”

“Hm?” Sakura cupped the back of his neck and leaned in so that she could rest her forehead on his. “It’s kind of embarrassing to be honest. Fourteen maybe? I don’t know. I know in middle school I started thinking about it more ‘cause that’s when everyone started pairing off but when I started to take it more seriously, I started realizing that for me I could only think about you and well, that was frustrating as hell…”

Frustration was something he could relate to. He had years of dealing with the irritation of wanting something he shouldn’t. That same frustration had him focusing on ways to avoid her instead of on something more progressive in regards to their relationship.

He was such a dumbass in high school. He had deprived himself of so much.

Sakura wrapped both her hands around his shaft again and started to stroke him.

So, so much.

“You’re so dirty.” Sakura’s giggles were muffled against his shoulder.


“I mean, you’re mostly incoherent but you say some things that are just absolute filth.” At the confused scowl Sasuke gave her she rolled her eyes. In a breathy voice she moaned in an imitation of him, “Tighter…tighter like your—“

Sakura gasped into his mouth when he shut her up with a kiss, cradling her face in his hands. There was a stutter in her movements as she returned his kisses with just as much hunger. Sasuke couldn’t even feel disappointed when she dropped his cock in favor of looping her arms around his neck and pressing her body closer to his as if she needed to anchor herself.

“You’re going to get dirty doing that,” Sasuke warned her as Sakura took to rubbing against him. His precum continued to dribble out, spreading all over the front of her cotton shorts.

“Hm?” Sakura murmured from the crook of his neck, pressing wet kisses. “I’m fine with that.”

Alright then. Sasuke’s hands slid down from her ass to the backs of her thighs and kept her pressed against him as he stood up from the armchair and carried her to the couch. He nestled between her thighs and went back to kissing her long and deep.

Sakura sighed softly into his mouth and he felt a tingle run down his spine causing him to grip tighter onto the strands of hair curled around his fingers. He liked the way the pink strands looked wrapped around his long fingers. Liked how Sakura’s green eyes sparkled a little more, full of mirth and warmth, when he curled his fingers in her hair and stroked her cheeks with his thumbs.

“I started realizing that for me I could only think about you and well, that was frustrating as hell…”

So much fucking time wasted, Sasuke huffed inwardly. He palmed a small breast, swirling his thumb around a peaked nipple. Sakura gasped when he scraped his teeth against her neck. She wasn’t going to be happy when she found all of the kiss marks he was leaving behind, but Sasuke couldn’t find it in him to give a shit. If she didn’t want to be completely marked up she shouldn’t make all of those encouraging noises.

“Stupid period,” Sakura grumbled before letting out a keening moan. Sasuke snorted, his restrained laughter fumbling the rhythm of his thrusts. He continued to rut against her clothed core, feeling very much like a high school brat as he pressed her deeper and deeper into the couch.

“Pad or tampon?” He asked her, hand stroking the skin around her navel, brushing against the jewelry dangling from her bellybutton.

“What?” Sakura’s face scrunched up in confusion.

“What are you wearing?”

“Tampon, but why do you need to—“

Sasuke slipped his hand under her shorts and underwear. “‘Cause then we don’t have to worry about a mess.”

He couldn’t insert his fingers, but luckily for him—and Sakura—playing with her clit would be enough.

“You don’t have to do that.” Sakura smiled shyly up at him, batting her lashes at him. “I was just fine with you, you know…”

“What? With me dry fucking you into the couch?”

“That!” Sakura pointed at him, completely ignoring the fact her shirt—his technically, but she could keep it—was bunched up over her breasts. “That’s exactly what I mean when I say you’re dirty.”

Sasuke rolled his eyes and ignored her arguments, simply continued to press her deeper into the couch until she was unable to speak anymore. Her breath hitched and she clung tightly to him, moving against him. He slipped his hands under her ass holding her tighter against him as he grinded against her, sensing his release approaching fast.

“Shit! Sorry.”

“At least you didn’t get the couch.” Sakura scrunched up her nose at the mess that was now on her thigh, shorts and stomach. She glanced over at Sasuke and burst into laughter at the panicked expression on his face. “You should see your face. I’m going to take another shower. Although…”

Sakura swung her feet around and hopped off the couch. She shimmied out of her shorts and handed them to Sasuke.

“You can wash those. I’m going to go clean up.” She blew a raspberry at him and shuffled towards the stairs in only her underwear and keeping the shirt away from the mess on her stomach and thighs. He heard her mutter as she  stomped up the steps,“I can’t believe you came all over me. ”

Sasuke laughed through his nose. Leave it to her to act all huffy and make him take care of her laundry. Using the other side of her shorts, Sasuke cleaned himself before tucking back into his boxers and jeans.

“Wash them in the sink first!” Sakura shouted over the sound of the shower running.

Rolling his eyes, Sasuke headed to the sink in the laundry room and got to work cleaning her shorts before the semen could dry up and make it more difficult. As if he didn’t know how to take care of this kind of a mess.

So demanding.

For a moment he forgot how much of a bossy little princess Sakura was. Vividly, a memory of her in one of her recital outfits and a tiara as she stomped her tiny feet to get her way came to mind.

He knew that she would be like this. He had known her for over thirteen years and knew his girlfriend could be as bossy and annoying as she was sweet.

Girlfriend. His girlfriend.

Sasuke grabbed a stain remover from a shelf above the machines and sprayed it on Sakura’s shorts and let them soak.

It seemed the universe did in fact align in his favor. He was going to continue being stuck to Sakura Haruno, but at least now it was in the way he actually wanted to be.

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