New Icon!

I have a new icon for Chronically Day that I hope you all like. I really like chibis and wanted one of myself to use for social media and for my blog.

It was created by Lyferie on tumblr as a commission that I requested. They’re accepting commissions for chibi icons and full body chibis. You can check out more info here.

So some of you may be wondering…what’s up with this dude and all of the spoons?

I am a spoonie. And now I’m just tossing more weirdness on you. A spoonie is a chronically ill person and the term came from The Spoon Theory created by Christine Miserandino.
The Spoon Theory is super important to me because it has really helped me explain to able bodied acquaintances what my life is like being me and having lupus as well as other debilitating illnesses.

And while everythingincluding writing“costs me a spoon”, I always try to make sure I have one on reserve so that I can create stories that I hope makes everyone happy.

Because it makes me so very happy when I can spark some joy in someone’s day.