Breaking The Desk

Ino shut the door behind her with one foot, puffing out an exasperated breath.

Toting groceries up to the sixth floor walkup she shared with Sakura was one of the reasons why she wanted to move. The budget friendliness of it had lost its appeal within the first few months and her boyfriend’s crowded studio apartment was starting to sound like heaven. Who cared if it was right across the street from a concert venue? At least she could take an elevator up to the apartment.

Dumping the bags of groceries on the peninsula countertop and tossing her weekend bag onto the ground, Ino rubbed her poor aching shoulder.

Who needs the gym when you gotta walk up six flights of stairs?

Grabbing a sparkling water from the fridge she made her way to the futon, ready to sprawl out on it and relax.

It was good to finally be home. Whenever Sasuke, Sakura’s soldier husband, came to visit she vacated the premises and spent that time with Sai.

She was about to call out for Sakura when the sound of a heated conversation finally grabbed her attention.

He’s still here? Ino groaned inwardly. He’s supposed to be gone by now!

Sakura and Sasuke were known to be quite…amorous when they were finally able to meet up. It was the reason why Ino always escaped the apartment whenever he visited but she wasn’t doing it today. She still had lots of work to get done and an early lecture the next day.

Knowing that a heated discussion would lead to a fight which would then lead to them almost immediately making up in the most carnal of ways, Ino decided to cut them off before it could escalate. There was no way she was heading over to Sai’s this late in the day. He lived farther away from campus and she was putting her foot down.

Marching over to Sakura’s bedroom door, Ino stopped her first from knocking when she heard Sakura shout at Sasuke.

“You broke my fucking computer desk!”

Oh no. Not again.

“You weren’t complaining at the time!”

Yep. They did.

Ino looked down at her bottle of sparkling water and knew she was going to need to break out the emergency wine.

“Wha—? Th-that’s not the point!” Ino could just picture Sakura’s face burning a shade of hot pink to match her hair. “You still broke it you fucking idiot!”

“Yeah, well, you married this idiot so what does that say about you!?”

Ino stood up and grabbed her weekend bag. She whipped out her phone and dialed Sai’s number.

“Yeah, babe. I’m coming back. Yeah he’s still here. They broke another fucking desk. Yeah I know. You would think the idiots would buy a more durable desk after the second time it happened. No, I’m not going to ask them what position they were in that caused it to break!”

Ino paused half way down the flight of stairs and pinched the bridge of her nose. Leave it to Sai to want the details of their friends’ sex life.

I think it’s time to move out.

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