Brace Me Honey I Need Friction

Rainy days always made her chest feel heavy.

A sense of nostalgia would wash over her and she would ache for something she couldn’t recognize.

Drumming her fingers across her protruding stomach, Sakura hummed softly as she watched the rain fall and pitter-patter against the docks of the river village she and Sasuke were currently residing in.

The hut they made their home for the past couple of weeks was on the outskirts of the cluster of huts that were erected directly on top of the river. The fishing community traveled by small boats and the interconnected docks that made up their village.

Sasuke had said the rain would cease to fall in a couple more days and with it would come the fireflies the village was known for. It would be another beautiful sight she would want to bring her child back to see.

Her husband was so soft with her, taking her places he had visited and showing her a world untouched by shinobi.

Days with Sasuke was like the rain falling down on the river village. Gentle and soothing but with a constant ache. As if their time alone wasn’t enough.

They were putting off returning to Konoha now that she was pregnant. The gentle slope of her stomach was a constant reminder that their traveling should be over but there was still so much to see.

So much to see from the eyes of her dear husband.

The intention was never to get pregnant so soon but sometimes life gets in the way of itself when it is occurring.

And loving her husband and being loved back didn’t leave room for thinking of plans.

“It’s too cold for that,” Sasuke murmured in her ear, shutting the window Sakura was looking out of.

His hand slid from her hip and around her waist to the rest on the lower part of her stomach. Sakura couldn’t help but smile at the gentle touch, almost reverent, he had when it came to the stomach that cradled the new life they created.

“It’s a good thing I have a husband to keep me warm then,” she whispered back, turning in his hold so that she could peer up at him through her thick, pale lashes.

Intentionally flirting with Sasuke was something that still made the back of her neck heat up. It was one thing to fall into it in normal conversation. It was another thing to do so with a goal in mind.

Especially when he was overly aware of her goal and was amused by her constant attempts to reach it now that hormones ruled her body.

“Hmm. Could he now?”

Sakura narrowed her eyes at the way the corner of his lips turned up into a crooked grin.

“Yes. He could.”

Standing on her toes, Sakura pressed a kiss to his chin urging him to tilt his head down to meet her. Sasuke was so tall to the point of frustration at times. He had grown so much and she so little as they reached the end of their teen years.

“How would you like to be?”

“Always so blunt, Anata” Sakura sighed out in exasperation.

Her belly was obvious but not obtrusive in her opinion, and yet Sasuke still treated her with a gentleness that she found━using his favorite word━annoying. Obstetrics wasn’t her specialty but she knew enough and read up enough when they lounged around on lazy days to know that he was being ridiculous.

He was going to be a helicopter parent, she just knew it.

“Sit down,” Sakura muttered, not looking at him directly but at the armchair she liked to sit in when she patched up their clothing or read.

“Sitting?” Sasuke raised and eyebrow, amusement gleaming in his eyes. He did as she was told and looked up expectantly. “Another one of Yamanaka’s suggestions I assume?”

“Maybe,” she mumbled, cheeks flushing hot pink. Lifting her dress so it bunched up around her waist, she straddled him. She slid her hands up his chest until she cupped his neck and rubbed her thumbs along his jawline.

Sakura let out a squeak that turned into a fit of giggles when Sasuke gripped her hip and pulled her flush against him. She pressed a sweet chaste kiss on his lips and then rest her forehead on his.

“There’s definitely something between us,” she joked, shifting her eyes down to her stomach and back to her husband’s. He laughed through his nose and rolled his eyes. Sometimes there were parts of his father-in-law that came out in her.

“There should be less between us,” he spoke into her neck as he pressed open mouthed kisses, trailing his tongue up slowly on the line of her throat to press more kisses to her jawline.

Sakura shivered in his lap but hummed contently as he stroked her back under her dress. It had been aching as well but she settled for just easing the ache between her thighs as it had been bothering her more that day.

Sasuke unbuttoned the ties of her qipao top dress and let it flap open to reveal more smooth skin.

“Careful!” Sakura hissed when Sasuke palmed a breast. He pinched a nipple, earning another hiss but moved his hand before Sakura could slap it away.

“They’re getting bigger,” he murmured as he kissed softly on the tops of her breasts, away from the over sensitive areolas.

“Yeah,” Sakura sighed as he massaged the flesh on the underside. “They do that. Oh! That actually feels nice.”

Sasuke gently rolled one nipple between his lips. He didn’t do it long because he wanted to get farther than they were. Overstimulating Sakura tended to end things much quicker than he would like nowadays.

Just kissing was all she really needed now that she was pregnant. She was almost always hot and wet without him needing to do much. His mouth had gone dry despite the confusion at how desperate she had been the first time she had initiated sex after becoming pregnant.

Desperate like it was a need, not just a want for his touch.

Sakura brought her hips to a slow grind as Sasuke rolled his tongue against hers. She hummed her approval of his slow kisses. She loved when he was soft and attentive. She felt so loved and cared for in the safe cradle of his hold.

It made her glow with happiness that he could enjoy this new life and be a man free of any burdens.

For the small love forming and shaping in her womb every day wasn’t a burden, but a happy promise. It was something to look forward to.

A dream to make reality. Not a goal to accomplish.

“Impatient are we?”

Sasuke smirked at the way Sakura fumbled at the ties of his pants. Her hurried movements were creating a stronger knot and she groaned in frustration as she pressed a hard kiss to his mouth.

“Let me help you.”

Sasuke brushed her hand away and deftly removed the knot. He had one hand fewer than she did but was a lot more experienced with his own clothing and it would be better for him to take care of it before his needy little wife decided ripping them off of his body was the best course of action.

As soon as he loosened his pants, Sakura dove her hands inside them and stroked his hardening cock, leaving him panting in the crook of her neck.

“Want inside of me?” Sakura teased, pressing kisses to the side of his head.

“Not as much as you want me to be,” he moaned out onto her flesh and bit at the junction between her neck and shoulder. “This is…just fine.”

“Don’t be a prick while I’m holding yours Sasuke-kun.”

She narrowed her eyes at him and slowed down the pace of her stroking. Sasuke shot her a glare and used a single finger to stroke the wet patch on Sakura’s underwear.

“Okay, I won’t tease,” she hissed as he pressed his finger harder against the patch, digging through the cloth to her clit.

“Come on.”

Sasuke tugged at her panties until Sakura stood up and removed them herself. She bunched up her dress at her waist again and straddled his lap again. Sasuke held up his cock so she could slowly sink down, adjusting to his size at her own pace.

She clutched his shoulders and rode up and down at her desired pace, slowing down when she so wished and speeding up when she wanted it faster.

Sasuke watched her come undone, gripping her hip to support her better but letting her do as she pleased. It was always a sight to watch her above him taking in her own pleasure.

“I━” Sakura sobbed. “I need━”

“What do you need Sakura?”

Her face scrunched up as she struggled to reach that release she had been wanting for the better part of the day.

“Please touch me!”

And who was he to deny her? Sasuke reached in between them and played with the little nub he had grown fond of stroking. He rubbed little circles, not too hard, because even that could end up being too much for Sakura in her current state.

Sakura reached her climax with a high pitched cry trapped in the back of her throat. She slumped forward a bit, using Sasuke for support. Her hips continued to move in lazy circles but her high had left her exhausted.

Sasuke moved his hand back to her hip and thrusted underneath her. Slow, hard thrusts that had her crying out in a staccato beat. Once she was looking back at him he quickened his pace and she bounced on his lap once more from the force.

Sakura clenched around him and when she felt him twitching she pulled him in for a fierce kiss. Sasuke held her down, pulling her closer to his body so he could be buried deep when he hit his own release. He grinded out the end of it and pressed kisses down Sakura’s clavicle.

“You’re a mess,” Sakura giggled, ruffling his disheveled hair. “We’re going to have to do laundry again.”

“And maybe replace this armchair.”

“Think we can send it back home? I quite like it.”

Sasuke chuckled softly, resting his forehead on her shoulder.

He would have to think about that but he too was growing fond of the chair.

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