Differential Chapter 8

Chapter Eight: Greedy

A conversation should have been had. Sasuke expected a conversation.

There wasn’t any time for conversation. As soon as Sakura’s chest stopped rapidly rising and falling she was slipping back into her clothes.

She clumsily pulled up her thigh highs, almost falling on her face in the process, and tossed his clothes at him.

“Get changed! They’re going to expect us to wish them a happy new year!”

It was just like her to go from bashful and flustered lover to bossy childhood friend in just seconds.

First needing to dispose of the condom, he changed at a much more relaxed pace before following her down stairs.

She had her back to him talking to a suspiciously sober looking Izumi.

“Why aren’t you drinking?” He heard Sakura ask Izumi. “It’s not like you need to DD, that’s Itachi’s job usually.”

“Weren’t you wearing a hair clip?” Izumi countered. She had eyed him over Sakura’s head but snapped her attention to a giggling Sakura who was trying to explain that it must have slipped without her noticing.

Besides that conversation it seemed no one had missed them that night. That wasn’t unusual but it seemed like everything had gone a little too well in keeping it secret.

Which was why they had to be more careful.

Talking about what had happened never came about but there was a silent agreement that what had happened was to remain between the two of them.

“Are you really trying to answer that right now?”

He panted by her ear, one hand moving from her hip to slide Sakura’s cell phone away from her.

“That’s the third,” Sakura whimpered as Sasuke’s hand slipped back between her thighs, “call. He’s probably driving…over right now.”

Sasuke groaned, pressing his face into the crook of her neck. The missed calls were a sure sign that their idiot best friend was going to burst into one of their rooms soon looking for them.

He pulled back and his cock slipped out of Sakura. She whined but then gasped when he flipped her over onto her back, thrusting back inside her tight, wet heat in one movement.

“We have time,” Sasuke groaned as Sakura tightened around him, “he won’t check the treehouse first.”

Sasuke hoisted her up so that she straddled his lap. He held her tightly to him by gripping her hips and thrust upwards at an unrelenting pace.

Sakura twisted her fists in Sasuke’s sweater and muffled her cries into his neck.

Shit!” She cursed into his ear. She came just a few seconds before Sasuke. He released his grip on her hips and rubbed her back soothingly.

“See? Enough time.”

Sakura glared up at him and he couldn’t help but kiss her. She grumbled, displeased, but melted into his kisses when he cupped her face and rubbed her jawline with his thumb.

Laying her back down on the mattress, Sasuke stroked the back of her thighs making her sigh. They laid there sharing kisses until Sakura scrunched up her face and groaned.

“I don’t wanna put my pants back on.”

Sasuke snorted and reached for her clothing, tossing her boyshorts and yoga pants at her.

“If you don’t put those back on Naruto’s going to get an eye full.”

Sakura grumbled but slipped her pants back on. She was always reluctant to put her clothes back on which was fine with Sasuke.

Sakura liked to lounge around, sprawling over him and having as much skin on skin contact as possible.

When her parents were out the other afternoon they had stayed in her bed for hours talking about everything except for the fact that they were both naked.

He wasn’t sure what was keeping them from discussing it. He couldn’t talk to her about it the first night nor the next day when Sakura went to go help her parents prepare their shop to be re-opened the following day. Sasuke slept in the day after and woke up planning to have a conversation before he got anything else done that day.

Sasuke still wasn’t sure what happened after Sakura had opened the door but they both had ended up without their pants and up against the Harunos’ washing machine.

The two of them couldn’t even agree on who had initiated it that time.

Sakura would keep insisting that he was the one always making the first move and he would just shut her up by distracting her with kisses.

He had waited too long to kiss her freely to waste time on things of no import.

“Tuck it away,” Sakura hissed as she patted down her hair. Sasuke complied and tucked himself back into his boxer briefs and pulled his jeans back over his hips. “And open up the shutters. It smells like sex in here.”

“If only there was a reason for that.”

Despite the sarcasm he used he opened up the windows to the treehouse to let the musky scent out.

He didn’t care so much about Naruto finding out about what they were doing but it wasn’t anyone’s business. He liked his privacy and no one sticking their nose where it didn’t belong.

What Sasuke didn’t understand was why Sakura was so quiet about everything.

It made sense to keep everything secret from their parents because then they wouldn’t be left alone again. But Sasuke half expected a phone call within the past few days and for Naruto to be screeching about how no one told him anything.

Sakura was the talkative one of the two and the one he expected to talk to her friends about what happened and if she had he knew he would be hearing about it from either one of the Uzumaki cousins.

But silence was all he got.

He tried to tell himself that it didn’t bother him, that he preferred the secrecy.

He tried. But he was failing.

Sakura tried not to be irritated with the seating arrangements. It wasn’t that she disliked spending time with Naruto but she would have preferred to be cuddling on the other couch with Sasuke instead of sitting upright while Naruto laid his head on her lap.

She tried not to pinch Naruto’s cheek when he took her hand and put it on his head, asking for her to massage his scalp.

He was acting spoiled because while Konoha University’s spring semester didn’t start until almost the last week of January, Suna State started the following week. Naruto was due back to his dorm in two days and he was trying to pack as much quality time with his best friends as possible.

Which meant it cut into Sakura’s alone time with Sasuke.

I’m a bad friend, Sakura chastised herself as she massaged circles against Naruto’s scalp. Her friend had less than thirty-six hours until he would be heading back out of the state and she wouldn’t see him until spring break.

She wouldn’t be able to see Naruto for two months and all she could think about was cuddling up with Sasuke and stealing kisses.

It’s his fault.

Sakura snuck a glance over at Sasuke. He was lounging on the opposite couch under one of the bulky weight crochet blankets his mother was fond of making. He looked so warm and cozy and just so inviting. If Naruto wasn’t there Sasuke would have made space for Sakura under the blanket.

He would probably give me lots of kisses too.

Sakura sighed and shifted in her seat. She was starting to get spoiled by how surprisingly affectionate Sasuke was. Her fantasies about sleeping with Sasuke had always been about the actual act. She had never considered what would happen in the afterglow.

Sasuke Uchiha was a cuddler and she loved every second of it.

“You seem distracted,” Naruto whispered, barely turning his head to look up at her.

Oh, you know. Just thinking about getting dicked down again.

“Just wanted to watch something else.” Sakura shrugged and tried to focus on the comedy that Naruto had picked out for them to watch. It was hard to focus when all she wanted to do was snuggle into Sasuke’s warmth.

“We can just change the movie,” Naruto cheerfully suggested. “I did pick the last two movies anyway.”

“Are you forgetting something?” Sasuke spoke up for the first time since the current movie had started.

It was always amusing watching Naruto’s face shift from confusion to realization and then to panic. It was comical how his face would go from ugly and scrunched up and then his eyes would widen and his jaw would drop dramatically.

“Curfew!” Naruto shouted and scrambled off of the couch. He grabbed his phone off of the coffee table and dashed out of the family room.

Sakura heard him crash against a wall, the result of sliding across the hardwood floors of the Uchiha home in his socks.

“Well that definitely woke your parents up.” Sakura giggled as she cleaned up the mess that Naruto had left behind. If Fugaku came down to check on them she wanted to make sure that nothing was out of order.

When she came back from checking the hall and dumping Naruto’s mug in the sink, she paused in the entryway of the family room. There was no reason for her to sit on the second couch. But there was also no reason for her not to lay out on it when it was empty and available.

She peered over the couch at Sasuke. The light coming off the television screen cast shadows on his face and reflected the movie on his lenses.

“I’m cold,” she muttered, lifting up the blanket he was using and slipping under. Luckily she was petite and fit in the small space next to him.

Without missing a beat, Sasuke had adjusted his body to make more room for her and wrapped the blanket around her. He was so soft with her and it was so confusing.

I’m going to get greedy.

Sakura nuzzled her nose against his collar bone and threw her leg over his hip. Without taking his eyes off of the television screen, Sasuke pulled her leg tighter around him and stroked her lower back.

“Hey.” With a soft voice Sakura caught his attention. She pressed herself tighter against him and pulled his face down to kiss her.

She was distracting him. She knew she was distracting him from asking questions or ruining anything by talking about what they had been up to since New Year’s Eve.

Let me be greedy.

Tracing the contours of Sasuke’s abdominal muscles and the deep cut of his adonis belt, Sakura snuck her fingers down to the button of his jeans and popped them open. She felt his breath hitch and a low groan tumbled out of his mouth into hers when she pulled his cock out of his boxer briefs.

He was always against her or inside of her, never letting her do any of the work. Just because she lacked the experience it didn’t mean she couldn’t at least try to do anything.

He was hot and heavy in her hand but it was the way that Sasuke’s lips pressed into a tight line that had her blushing and heat spreading in her lower stomach.

He was embarrassed but full of too much pride to avert his gaze, to look anywhere else but at her as she pumped her hand over his shaft, tightening her fist on the down stroke.

“Am I doing it right?” Sakura whispered, smiling softly as he grunted an affirmation. “Because I can stop if I’m not.”

“Don’t,” Sasuke’s hips thrusted now that Sakura’s hand was moving faster, “don’t stop.”

Sakura laughed, elated at his reaction. The sound must have made him upset because he shifted so that he was hovering over her, bracing himself on one forearm and then he shoved his other hand down her yoga pants.

Sakura let out a gasp and almost halted her movements when he curled his middle finger, stroking as he pumped away.


“You be quiet!” Sakura snapped back, tightening her grip. Sasuke retaliated by slipping another finger inside of her. Sakura bit her lower lip to hold back from crying out.

“Can you even be quiet?” Sasuke teased her, smirking at her as she grinded her hips against his hand.

He always has to one up me…

Sakura narrowed her eyes at him and shoved him away from her.

“What are you━?”

Taking advantage of his confusion, Sakura pushed him back down on the couch and nestled her body between his legs.

“Let’s see who has trouble being quiet now,” she muttered taking his cock in her hand once again and then dragging her tongue from the base and up to the tip. She pressed her tongue flat on the head and then slowly took him into her mouth.

Sakura focused on breathing through her nose, humming contently when she felt Sasuke’s fingers sliding against her scalp and burying into her hair. Experimenting, she sucked in her cheeks tight as she bobbed her head up and down. Sasuke’s grip on her hair tightened and he threw his head back.

He’s kind of cute like this.



Sakura stiffened up from her place between Sasuke’s legs. That was the last place she wanted Mr. Uchiha to find her.

“Yeah, dad?”

“Is Sakura still here?” Sakura exhaled a sigh of relief. It sounded like he was calling from the foyer. She removed herself from Sasuke’s crotch and sat back, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand. “It’s getting late. She should call her parents if she’s going to be staying over.”

Sakura muffled her giggles with her hands. If Fugaku Uchiha knew what she had just been doing to his son he wouldn’t be too happy with her spending the night under the same roof.

“No, she’s going home now that the movie is finished.”

“Alright,” Fugaku called out. The two of them stayed silent, listening to his footsteps as he made his way back up the stairs.

“We should call it a night.”

“You suck.” Sakura pouted, not happy with the abrupt ending to the evening.

“No,” Sasuke gave her a lopsided grin, “you suck.”

“Oh, shut up.” Sakura glared at him, her cheeks turning hot. His cheeks were still rosy, flushed from their carnal activities, and his cock was still exposed and he still took the opportunity to tease her.

And yet she wasn’t irritated with that. She was enjoying spending time with him like this.

She just didn’t know if they would continue as they were or if things would change when they had to head back to KU for their next semester. And she was too worried about the answer to talk about it.

Let me have this just for a little longer.


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