Differential Chapter 7

Chapter Seven: A Little Taste

It should have been harder to avoid someone that lived across a driveway. But Sakura was managing to do just that somehow.

Sasuke let her have her space and didn’t approach her about the night in the treehouse. He spent time with his family and even went Christmas shopping with Izumi when she asked for help buying last minute gifts.

He filled his time fixing things around the house and helping his father out with organizing his digital files. He ran errands for his mother and when she sent him over to the Haruno house he would wait around as long as he could to catch a glimpse of Sakura.

Sasuke expected Sakura to open the door half of the time. There was only three people that lived in their home, it really shouldn’t have been that hard to run into her.

He knew that this was a possibility but reality was much worse than just imagining the outcome.

It was the lager. He was drunk.

Sakura was hiding out at Ino’s house for most of the past few days but she had to head back home when Ino’s family packed up to go out of the country. She couldn’t lie and say she was spending time with Ino considering her mother knew they weren’t going to be back until it was time for her and Ino to head back to KU.

Being with Ino was a huge distraction from what had happened. She didn’t want to think about what would happen if Naruto hadn’t made his presence known. As much as she was enjoying herself it was a terrible idea.

Because it was the lager. He was drunk.

But now that she was no longer distracted with all of Ino’s rambling about Sai and how she didn’t know what their relationship would be like when they went back for their spring semester, she couldn’t help but think of that night.

Straddling one of her pillows, Sakura grinded down, angling her crotch so that the pressure was applied directly to her clit.

She had never considered playing with herself that way before. When she touched herself it was usually with her fingers and she would take her time, building up tension before she let herself snap.

With the pillow she grinded at the pace Sasuke had dragged her hips along his length. Sakura pressed herself down more, aching for more. She tugged at the corners on both ends, treating herself more roughly than she normally would have, she pulled the pillow into a sawing motion.

Sakura collapsed on her bed and whined against the mattress.

It wasn’t enough.

It wasn’t the same hardness or Sasuke’s warmth. And the sound of his panting and the feel of his breath against her skin was missed.

He was across the driveway, his bedroom window right across from hers but Sakura was too scared to face him.

Because it had to be the lager and he was drunk.

Sasuke sighed and rumpled his hair. He examined his reflection and clucked his tongue at it.

Mikoto had told him to shave but the scruff on his face wasn’t that bad. It was just a shadow on his jawline and something he was use to during exam periods. It was a disheveled look that someone had once told him that it suited him.


Sasuke cringed at the sudden appearance of Shisui.

“That’s not a New Year’s Eve look your mom would approve of.”

“I wasn’t going to leave it.” Sasuke pulled out his electric razor from the medicine cabinet. “See? Shaving.”

“Good. Can’t look like a bum anymore now that there’s going to be guests over.”

“Aren’t you technically a guest?”

“Ouch!” Shisui grasped at his chest in mock pain. “I thought we were like family.”

“You fucking my older brother doesn’t make this your house.”

“You wound me Sasuke.” Shisui tugged at a strand of Sasuke’s hair. “And you need a haircut. What, are you a hippie now?”

“I’ll cut you.”

“Just make sure to do something with it. You look like a shaggy dog.”

Sasuke turned back to look at his reflection once more. He didn’t mind how long his hair had become but Shisui had a point. He wasn’t going to be able to just go out with his hair all disheveled or he wouldn’t hear the end of it from his mother.

She would probably tackle him with a hairbrush and attack his head.

Sighing he gathered his hair in his hands and pulled it away from his face. He turned his head side to side and dropped his hair. No he definitely didn’t like his hair completely out of the way.

Alright. Let’s figure this out.

Sakura just watched her mother as she pulled out all of her nice dresses from her closet.

“No, this is inappropriate.” Mebuki tsked and tossed a mini dress into a pile of rejected outfits.

“I’m sorry but what’s going on?”

“You’re not staying home tonight,” Mebuki informed her, handing her three different sweater dresses. “Pick one of those. You stayed home on Christmas Eve and that was rude. You’re not skipping out on New Year’s Eve with the Uchiha family.”

“But Mama━”

“No ‘But Mama’ from you!” Mebuki glared at her and wagged a finger in front of Sakura’s face. “Get dressed. And put some makeup on. Look nice. It’s a party.”

Sakura groaned and flopped back onto her bed when her mother left her room. She knew the chance of getting out of the annual New Year’s Eve party at the Uchiha residence was going to be difficult. Sakura had already used the “not feeling well” excuse the previous week for Christmas Eve.

If she carried on like this it would become even more obvious that she was avoiding Sasuke.

Her parents  weren’t suspicious that that could possibly be the case but when it was time to head back and she didn’t want to travel back with Sasuke it would be a red flag.

She usually loved being in the same car as him, taking in his smell in an enclosed space. Sometimes when she was waking up after taking a nap, Sakura would catch him singing under his breath.

Were moments like that really worth losing over a little taste?

Every single time Sakura’s dress rode up on her thigh and revealed the skin above her thigh highs, Sasuke went for his drink.

She was at his parents’ party but she was still avoiding him. Every time he entered a room and she happened to be in it, Sakura would find a reason to leave it.

Sasuke refused to acknowledge the fact that it seemed that he was following her around. He took another swig from his red plastic cup, not even concerned if anyone noticed that he was partaking of the adult beverages. They were all too far gone themselves to pay attention to anything he did.

Entering the kitchen, Sakura was the first thing he saw and she was alone. Her eyes widened and she spilled some of her own drink all over the front of her dress.


Sakura backed away until she reached the pantry door. Reaching behind her she opened it and backed inside, closing the door behind her.

Sasuke sighed and headed toward the pantry. He tried to turn the knob only to feel the weight of it being pulled on the other side.

“The pantry doesn’t lock on the inside,” he explained and yanked the door open. He entered it and closed the door behind him. “You’re avoiding me, Haruno.”

“Oh, hey Sasuke!” Sakura averted her gaze and eyed the door beyond Sasuke’s arm. “Seems like we’ve been missing each other all night, huh? Just came in here to get away from everyone.”

“Then you can hide out in my room,” he interrupted her babbling. “It’s what you always do.”

Sakura bit her lip and shuffled in place. The hem of her dress swished with her movements. Her skin was so pale against the charcoal of her dress and the black of her socks.

“Come on.”

Sasuke grabbed her hand and waited for any signs of resistance. There was a slight tug before Sakura sighed. She adjusted her fingers so that instead of having them squeezed in between his they molded to fit between his.

He led her away from the kitchen, grabbing more beer along the way, and to the stairs to the second level. The sound of the adults laughing in the background assured him that everyone else was busy.

They moved quickly up the stairs, trying to keep out of sight before one of the adults saw them head to his room with something they shouldn’t have.

“You finally cleaned up in here.”

Sasuke locked his bedroom door before joining her further in.

“Here.” Sasuke pulled out a baggy shirt and handed it to Sakura. “Change out of your dress. It’s all covered in beer and stinks.”

He made a show of turning his back on her to give her some privacy.

“Okay, I’m done.”

His shirt fell to mid thigh, much shorter than her dress but still preserved her modesty. It was another reminder of how Sakura had stayed so small, petite, while he had kept growing and growing tall.

The combination of the shirt and her thigh highs was a reminder of how they both had grown in other ways.

Ways that he enjoyed a lot.

He gestured to his bed before taking a seat on the floor. He opened up a beer and passed it on to Sakura. He took a swig of his own, listening to the sounds of Kizashi’s raucous laughter and then some more shouting from Shisui.

“They’re going to regret all of this drinking tomorrow.”

“Do they ever?” Sakura giggled. “They just make some shijimi in miso soup or ochazuke and claim it helps. I still say phö is the best hangover food.”

“Hot tofu soup,” Sasuke countered. “Extra spicy.”

“Ewww!” Sakura nudged his shoulder with her knee. “Why do you have to make everything spicy?”

Sasuke chuckled against the lip of his bottle. He liked when they could joke around and just talk in his room.

But that wasn’t all that he liked.

He liked the way she breathed against his skin and the way she felt in his hands. He liked Sakura’s scent of fabric softener and something fruity on his sheets and his clothes. He loved the way she sounded all out of breath.

And the way she tasted.

Sasuke turned his head, eyeing Sakura’s knee. It was right at eye level. All he had to do was tilt his head a bit and he could press his lips right on━

“What are you doing!?”

Sakura pulled her leg away from him, face flushing red.

“I think you’ve had enough to drink.”

Sakura swiped for Sasuke’s beer but he held it out of reach, setting it down on the floor. He stood up from his seat on the floor and caged Sakura with his arms, sliding his hands on his mattress until she leaned back.

“Since when did I come on to anyone ‘cause I was drunk?”


“We’ve been drinking since I was like, what, sixteen. I would kiss you even if I weren’t drunk.”

Sasuke scooped Sakura up and tossed her lightly, adjusting her body so that she was laying her head on his pillows. He nudged her thighs apart and nestled between her legs.

“But I’m not waiting until I’m sober for that.”

Sasuke expected more resistance. After being avoided for so long he expected the probability of being slapped and screamed at to be high.

But Sakura was molding her lips with his and cupping his neck to pull him closer to her.

“Are you drunk?”

Sakura wished she were just so she wouldn’t feel so anxious. Her first drink of the night was the beer Sasuke gave her. The wine she was trying to drink earlier had spilled all over her when Sasuke surprised her in the kitchen.

All she could do was shake her head no when Sasuke’s fingers brushed against her ribs. He skimmed them along her bra, reaching behind her and unclasping it smoothly.

Huh. Thought that would be harder for him to figure out.

He pulled back to give her room to pull it out from under her borrowed shirt. Sakura flung it onto the floor and Sasuke went back to pressing his body against hers.

Sakura was so caught up in how his tongue rolled against hers and untying the half up do of his that she missed how it was that Sasuke snuck his hand into the waistband of her boyshorts.

“You have to relax, Sakura.”

She let go of the tenseness she had been carrying at the sound of the second syllable of her name hitting the roof of his mouth. The third syllable rolling off his tongue had her spreading her legs open a bit more.

Sakura gasped at the feel of his fingers rubbing along her labia, massaging circles on the folds and spreading them apart. He moved them inward, applying pressure as he stroked.


Sakura’s face heated up and she turned her face away, swallowing. Sasuke cursing as he slipped a finger inside of her was something she thought only her imagination could conjure up.

A gasp got caught in her throat when Sasuke used his thumb to rub her clit in a circular manner. She grabbed his wrist to hold him still and tightened her thighs around his hand.

“I said you need to relax,” he murmured against her ear before nipping at skin right below it. “You can’t tense up like that when my head’s down there.”

Your head?

Sasuke removed his hand from her hold and tugged the shirt she was wearing over her head and off. Sakura made to cup her breasts to cover up when Sasuke nudged her arms away.

“You don’t touch yourself. I touch you.”

The intensity in his eyes had her slipping her hands away.

“Well,” Sakura squeaked before calming her nerves as much as she could, “then can you at least take your shirt off too?”

Without hesitation, Sasuke pulled away to yank his crew neck sweater over his head. Sakura trailed her eyes down his torso with the movement. She followed the trail of black hair from his navel down to the top button of his jeans.

I died, didn’t I?

Sasuke leaned over her and took a nipple into his mouth.

Yeah, I fucking died.

“Can I?” Sasuke murmured against her sternum in between kisses across her chest. He tugged on her boyshorts to indicate what he had been asking about.


Sasuke chuckled against one of her breasts and slipped her panties down her thighs. Sakura watched him toss them over his shoulder before he gripped her waist and trailed kisses down her stomach.

Sakura swallowed hard as she felt Sasuke’s hair brushing against her thighs. She could sit and compare how his fingers worked her in a way she couldn’t but she had nothing to compare the sensation of his tongue lapping away at her.

All she knew was that she didn’t want him to stop.

She buried her fingers in his hair and swiveled her hips, grinding against his mouth. It felt too good to be real but then Sasuke sucked her clit between his lips, rolling the little nub between them and flicking his tongue at it.

He slipped his finger back inside her and pumped it in and out before slipping a second one inside. He curled his fingers and spread them to stretch her out. It was a peculiar feeling, not that pleasant but not bad either.

There was a familiar tightening in her lower stomach but Sasuke didn’t leave her hanging. She covered up her mouth with her hands, trapping her cries as she reached her climax.

Sasuke lapped at her core one more time before pulling away, glaring at her from between her thighs.

“They would have heard me!”

“I highly doubt they would have noticed.”

Sasuke stood up and pulled open the drawer on his nightstand. He took out a box and pulled out a foil package. He tossed it near Sakura’s shoulder and then shimmied and pulled his jeans off, treating them as well as he had been treating Sakura’s clothes the whole time.

Sakura sat up and grabbed his wrist before he could pull down his boxer briefs.

“Want to stop?”

“What?” Sakura scrunched up her nose in confusion. “No we’re definitely, you know, I just want to do this part.”

Sasuke smirked at her and she narrowed her eyes at him, not happy with the knowing look he gave her.

Sakura pressed a kiss right above his belly button and tugged his boxer briefs down his hips.

Before she could do anything after freeing him from his undergarments, Sasuke pushed her back down on his bed and grabbed the foil package. He distracted Sakura with some more kisses as he ripped it open and rolled the condom on his cock.

He stroked Sakura’s thigh as he continued to give her open mouthed kisses. Sakura had tensed up again when she felt his cock brushing against her exposed core. She sighed into his mouth, pulling him closer by his shoulders.

To think she had just been dry humping her own pillow when she could have been in his bed, his fingers drawing circles on her flesh.

“Fuck!” Sakura hissed. Sasuke stilled but he trailed kisses down the line of her throat and sucked on her pulse point.

“Relax.” Sasuke drew curlicues on her upper thigh. “I won’t move until you want me to. If you want me to.”

It was comforting and it was sweet but Sakura had been wanting this for so long.

“I’d very much like it if you moved Sasuke.”

Sasuke kissed her hard and swallowed her punched out gasp when he rolled his hips. He didn’t draw back, only making small movements as Sakura grew accustomed to having him inside her.

When Sakura’s kisses became needier and more desperate is when Sasuke finally thrusted fully. He went slow but went deep, swallowing her moans into his mouth.

Sakura could have sworn she heard someone counting down from somewhere far away. Why they would be counting down she couldn’t remember.

She was too busy listening to and feeling Sasuke’s panting against her shoulder. She dragged her nails down his back at a particularly hard thrust and he groaned into the space where her neck and shoulder connected.

Sakura bit down on his shoulder when she came for the second time. She hadn’t meant to bite him but she remembered needing to be quiet and although she had never been loud when she brought herself to her own release she was worried she would be with Sasuke now that she was finally able to reach it after days of struggle.

Sasuke followed after her and collapsed on top of her. They lay like that when it finally hit Sakura.

“Oh. Happy New Year.”

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