Differential Chapter 3

Chapter Three: Dangerous

Sometimes being stuck in a semi dark room with loud blaring music got old. Playing the genius got old. Pretending that he didn’t need escapes got old.

Ever the night owl, Sasuke wouldn’t go to bed until the hazy blue light of the false dawn illuminated the campus grounds.

He liked the emptiness of that strange period of time. Liked roaming the liminal space of pre-dawn KU.

Liked being the only person in the universe for a brief moment.

But that wasn’t exactly true. He wasn’t exactly alone.

In the hazy glow of blue, Sakura’s rose gold hair looked more lavender. Even as she ran the haziness made her appear softer than she already was. A softness that caused him to forgive her intrusion into his time alone with the universe.

For he may be a night owl, but she was still an early bird.

Sighing, Sasuke removed his glasses and rubbed at his tired eyes. It was another late night but the lack of circuit boards and wires on his bedroom floor was worth it, knowing he completed a job.

Building computers for his friends’ friends who had the money for it was something he enjoyed so the exhaustion was never unwelcome.

The extra cash wasn’t unwelcome either. He was seventeen and every little bit that could go toward his college fund was worth the late nights. Even if that did mean he would only have a few hours of sleep before class

Slipping his glasses back on, Sasuke made to put away his tools. Out of the corner of his eye he saw a light come on across the yard.

The house next door was completely different than the Spanish Revival three bedroom the Uchihas lived in. A cute little cottage style house that somehow matched perfectly with the seventeen year old girl exiting it at the moment.

It was typical that as soon as he was ready to finally go to sleep, that Sakura Haruno was rising and starting her day. A daughter of bakers she was always up before the sun, even on school days when she wouldn’t be helping out in the bakery.

Sasuke watched as she stretched her arms over her head as she walked down the stone path leading to her driveway, activating the motion detecting lights that lined the path.

He took a glance at his watch and rolled his eyes.

Sakura was the only person he knew that would get up at three in the morning, when the rest of the world was asleep, for a run.

Sakura’s long ponytail bounced behind her with each of her steps. Sasuke’s eyes trailed the strands of hair as they swished back and forth, then followed the curve of her spine down to a pert, round bottom. For someone that hated the cold she sure didn’t mind wearing tiny lycra running shorts in December.

Sasuke pounded his feet harder against the pavement, moving his legs to go faster. Anything to get him ahead of her.

He easily breezed by her, he had always been faster, more athletic, despite being a tech nerd and Sakura being a health nut.

“Hey!” Sakura called after him.

He ignored her, willing himself to keep pushing forward and not turn around to see her flushed face and little pink mouth panting. Her front was probably more dangerous than her back.

“Could have at least warned me you were coming up on my right, Sasuke!”

Ignoring the heat rushing up his neck, Sasuke smirked to himself.

Funny how she was able to recognize him even with the hood of his sweatshirt up.

Sakura groaned in frustration as she slumped onto the communal area couch. One of her seven suitemates that she was actually friends with, Karin Uzumaki, was already sitting there holding a mug of coffee and staring blankly into space.

Sakura groaned again until Karin started petting her head absentmindedly.

“Remind me again why we decided to take eight o’clock classes?” Karin asked, russet eyes widening in horror.

“Don’t bitch where Ino can hear you. Semester’s almost over and you haven’t made any complaints so far. She won’t let you live it down if she was right that you couldn’t handle it.”

“I can’t believe you went running and then to the gym. I don’t think I’m even alive right now.” Karin took a swig of her coffee and then blinked owlishly. “You think I can get away with leaving the dorm without makeup? My eyebrows are a fucking mess.”

“Karin. You’re gorgeous, shut up. I’m the one with a real crisis.”

Sakura grabbed one of the throw pillows they had bought and smothered her face. She grumbled against it until Karin pinched her thigh.

“I’m not going to strain to hear you. If you want to complain you have to make your words intelligible.”

“I can’t even go on a run without him showing up!”

Oohhh.” Karin’s eyes refocused and she grinned slyly at her. “Your hottie neighbor.”

“Don’t call him that.”

“A hottie is a hottie. What’s wrong? No time to rub one out before class?”


“Some of us are trying to sleep!” Ino’s voice came muffled through the closed door of Sakura and hers shared room. Karin snickered and drained the rest of her coffee. She smacked her lips, content with how she felt after her first cup of the day.

“You should just fuck him and get it over with. That’s what I would do.” Sakura’s jade eyes widened in mortification as Karin stood up and stretched. “And go take a shower. You stink.”

Sakura lifted her collar and took a whiff, nose wrinkling in disgust. Karin was right. She smelled ripe after her workout. As quiet as possible, she made her way into her room and grabbed her shower caddie and towel. Making sure to lock the opposite door to her other suitemates’ bedroom, she started up the shower.

Despite not having enough time to blow dry her hair, Sakura scrubbed her hair with her apple scented shampoo. She let the warm water run down her body, enjoying the heat. She hummed contently and closed her eyes.

Sakura didn’t have any classes with Sasuke this semester and it wasn’t looking likely that they would share any in the Spring semester. Although that was the case, it wasn’t that hard for them to run into each other.

Konoha University was a private campus on the outskirts of the nation’s capital. It wasn’t a small campus but it was a pretty remote area where the students were pretty enclosed unless they wished to step off campus to the city.

It wasn’t small and it wasn’t large but if one knew what they were looking for they would find it with ease.

And Sakura found Sasuke with ease usually.

I shouldn’t be able to identify him using his backside. No matter how nice it is…

“There’s something severely wrong with me,” Sakura groaned. She leaned her head against the shower wall and grumbled to herself.

“Yeah there is. You’re talking to yourself again.”

“Ino! W-what are you doing in here?”

“I had to pee, duh. Sorry if I interrupted your, uh, alone time.”

“I wasn’t doing anything!”

“Riiiight. Sure you weren’t.”

“Get out!”

“See that makes me think I really did interrupt your━”


Sasuke had to hold back from groaning when he noticed the lump on his roommate’s bed. He was usually missing all night and day but occasionally he would remember where his parents were paying for him to live while he was at school.

It was a good thing Sasuke had finished all of his work that was due before his run because working without music wasn’t something he wanted to do.

Sasuke lifted his arm and sniffed himself, grimacing at the smell. A shower was due before he hit the sack.

Not really caring if he woke his roommate or not, Sasuke grabbed his shower caddie and towel and headed off to the shower just outside of his room. He was glad he chose apartment style and the other two roommates that shared the room on the opposite side had their own bathroom. He practically had his own considering his roommate was almost never in their dorm.

Sasuke let the hot water run over his body, rolling his neck and shoulders. He shouldn’t have run so far after his workout at the gym. After running past Sakura he had made his way off campus and ran throughout the city until he noticed the rising sun. He forgot to take his fare card with him and ended up having to run back to campus. Sasuke had wanted to make it back before students were stumbling to class but he pushed himself too far.

A massage would have been amazing. His sore muscles were practically whispering into his ear, pleading him to call Sakura. She had taken a Sports Medicine elective course when they were in high school and had enjoyed practicing therapeutic massages on whoever was willing to allow her to place her hands on them. She had helped assist the school trainers with the student athletes when they had injuries.

Sasuke had to admit that Sakura was more than decent when it came to comfort and care. Whenever he needed to visit the trainers he preferred Sakura’s help. Her soft hands always found every knot and relaxed him better than any hot bath could.

Would she have time before her morning class to come over…?

Sasuke frowned. Sakura would drop everything if it meant she could hold something like this over his head. She loved being helpful, especially if it meant she could show him up somehow. Sakura would give him a smug look that said  “Ha! You need me. I can do something you can’t.”

He also wouldn’t doubt that she would show up in her little shorts and the combination of a skimpy outfit and a massage would be even more dangerous than just watching as her muscles flexed and her bottom jiggled as she ran.

Just  imagining it was making him bang his forehead against the shower wall. It caused a problem to spring up and it was something he thought he was done and over with. This is why he had hoped to get away from Sakura Haruno when he got accepted to college.

Sasuke slid his eyes shut. He could attempt to will his problem away but the more traditional method would be more successful. Huffing out a breath of air, Sasuke wrapped his hand around his problem and he hissed at the contact.

It was safer to just allow himself to feel but with each downward stroke his mind conjured up Sakura and her soft hands. He could almost feel the sensation of her hands roaming his body.

This wasn’t the first time Sakura starred in these little sessions when he was alone and wanting. Wasn’t the first time he was reminded of how he wouldn’t mind throwing her down and making her just as frustrated as she made him.

Sakura was probably the type that hated to be dominated, preferring to top. An image of her smirking down at him, bare and bold, flashed across his mind. Sasuke groaned at the thought. He wouldn’t have minded that at all. It was a win-win scenario. She loved to please anyway and it would be a great angle to look at her.

Yes, he wouldn’t mind that at all.


Banging on the bathroom door had Sasuke freezing up.

“How much longer? Some of us need to use the bathroom too!”

Growling low to himself, Sasuke banged his head one more time against the shower wall and shut off the water. He couldn’t have his roommate finding out what he was doing in the shower. It would be absolutely humiliating.

The stupid things she makes me do…

Sakura Haruno was dangerous.

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