Differential Chapter 1

Chapter One: Stuck

Sasuke’s memories of home were filled with swirls of colors. Hues of pink and spring green would become mottled amongst the comforting earthy tones his mother favored.

Annoyingly bright green and soft pink.

One of the things Sasuke had looked forward to about college was the reprieve he would get from seeing that particular pink and that particular green. He believed he was going to be able to avoid her all he wanted.

But alas the universe didn’t align in his favor. It seemed there was no escaping Sakura Haruno.

Chocolate chip cookies. His least favorite. Sasuke hated anything sweet and preferred ginger snap which had more spice than sugar in it’s flavoring, especially the way his mother made them just for him.

But these cookies weren’t for him. They were for the new neighbors and Mikoto Uchiha needed a “neutral” cookie. Something that would assure friendly relations with the only neighbors that shared a fence with the Uchihas.

“Oh, Sasuke,” Mikoto groaned. She licked her thumb and bent down to wipe her six year old’s face. “We can’t go see the neighbors with dirty faces.”

Sasuke wrinkled his nose and tried to squirm out of his mother’s grasp. He didn’t even want to go see the new neighbors and now he was covered in mom spit.

“Okay, one last check.” Mikoto patted her hair and twirled in front of the mirror in the foyer. Sasuke had no idea why his mother was so worried. She was always pretty. “Itachi!”

“He went out with Shisui and Izumi while you were getting changed,” Sasuke explained. His brows furrowed as he pouted. He had wanted to go play with his older brother but he had refused to take him and Shisui had called him ”Squirt” again.

“I wish that child would ask me before he left the house,” Mikoto grumbled. Sasuke’s mouth twitched as he held back from giggling. His mother was always complaining about how it was “too early for Itachi’s rebellious phase.” She sighed and took hold of Sasuke’s hand. “Come on. Let’s go meet the Harunos. I hear they have a child that’s your age.”

At that Sasuke straightened up, now alert and eager to meet the new family. There weren’t any kids around his age in the neighborhood and the only kid he ever met outside of school was Naruto, his mother’s best friend’s son, and he irritated Sasuke to no end.

If there was a kid living next door then Sasuke wouldn’t have to wait around for Itachi to come home to play. Maybe he could even have a close friend like how Itachi was with Shisui and Izumi. Except not with a girl. Girls didn’t play the same games. And they giggled a lot. At least Izumi giggled a lot.

Mikoto took a deep breath and knocked on the door frame. The door was open wide as the neighbors were currently moving in the last of their boxes. They had started moving all of their furniture in at the crack of dawn according to Fugaku which horrified Sasuke. Who woke up that early?

“Bakers,” was his father’s curt response. There was an amused glint in his eyes when he looked at Mikoto who shared Itachi’s love of sweets. Sasuke’s mother had blushed and smiled knowingly at her husband. Sasuke gagged at the weirdness of his flirty parents. No one but he and Itachi would recognize the small amount of teasing as such but it was still a lot for him to handle

A kind faced blonde woman, slightly taller than his mother, came to the door and greeted them. As Mikoto offered the cookies and spoke to the woman Sasuke tried to peek inside the house in the hopes of catching a glimpse of the woman’s son.

“Say hello to Ms. Haruno, Sasuke.” Mikoto gently pushed Sasuke toward Ms. Haruno.

“Hello Ms. Haruno.”

“You can call me Mebuki.” Mebuki smiled at him softly as she ruffled his feathery hair. “Would you like to come in for some tea? You can meet━”

“Mama? Have you seen my doll? I can’t find her.”

A small child with the strangest pale pink hair and the biggest green eyes he had ever seen approached the front door. She spotted Sasuke and his mother and hid behind Mebuki’s leg. She peered around her mother’s body and smiled shyly at their guests.

“And who is this cutie?” Mikoto gushed, bending down to the child’s eye level. “Hello, sweetie. My name is Mikoto and you are?”

The girl giggled and pushed her face into the back of her mother’s thigh.

“This is Sakura.” Mebuki patted her daughter’s head. She maneuvered her leg and pushed Sakura forward. “Come on Kura, say hello. I’m sorry. She’s really shy with strangers.”

“Oh, what a fitting name! I think she’s sweet.”

“She’s a girl,” Sasuke said flatly. He wasn’t as excited as his mother was and it was obvious from the way his brows pulled forward and a scowl settled on his face. As soon as he saw the soft, pink hair and the big green eyes he was filled with disappointment. The feeling settled even stronger when she giggled. Why were girls always giggling?

“Yes, Sasuke. And such a cute girl.” Mikoto tried to cover up for her son’s attitude but the damage had been done. Sakura’s smile deflated and her eyes glazed over.

“I’m going to go look for my doll.” Sakura rushed back inside her house. Not stopping as her mother called after her.

“I’m sorry,” Mebuki apologized, shifting from one foot to the other nervously. “We’ve been having issues with her getting along with other kids and making friends. She was excited to meet someone new. I might have set her hopes too high…”

“Poor thing…” Mikoto mumbled. After a beat she brightened up and cheerfully suggested, “Why don’t we set up a playdate? I know that Sasuke is disappointed right now but I’m sure after hanging out a few times they will enjoy each other’s company.”

What? Sasuke looked up at his mother, horrified. How could she sacrifice her own son like that? Sasuke didn’t want to play with some sugary, pink haired girl.

Mikoto narrowed her eyes at Sasuke and he pouted, turning his eyes downcast to his feet.

Sasuke already knew he wasn’t going to like this Sakura girl. She was being forced on him by his own mother. Turning his mother against him was her first offense. He could tell that she was just going to keep being a problem.

Sasuke let out a sigh and glared at the stop light. He had been driving for what seemed like forever and he just wanted to crawl into his comfy bed. After spending weeks using the small dorm bed he just wanted to lie down and spread his body out as much as possible.

A soft sigh from the passenger seat had him turning his head to his sleeping passenger.

Somehow in her sleep, Sakura had slid her hand under her sweater and lifted the top up enough to reveal her flat, pale stomach. The jewel on her belly ring sparkled and drew his gaze to the dip of her bellybutton and down to the waistline of her jeans. The jewel flashed at him as her stomach rose and fell with her breathing.

Sasuke caught himself staring too much and grabbed his hoodie from the backseat and tossed it over her. Scowling, he crossed his arms over the steering wheel of his car and leaned against it, careful not to add so much pressure that the horn would go off.

He would have preferred to have taken the trip from their university alone but his mother was so insistent that Sasuke bring Sakura home with him whenever he visited. Sakura and his parents had become really close friends over the years and were always spending holidays together and helping each other out.

Sakura didn’t have her own car and Fugaku had offered to have Sasuke drive her to and from college since they both attended Konoha University, located two hours away in the capital of their state. Considering they were both going home the same week for Fall Break, it made no sense for Sakura to take the bus back to their hometown.

It was thirteen years later and Sasuke Uchiha couldn’t escape Sakura Haruno no matter how much he tried. It seemed the universe and his parents were always tying them together in some way.

Putting it simply, he was stuck with her.

One thought on “Differential Chapter 1

  1. Ohhh author I forgot how much I loved the first chapter! That flashback was too precious and I loved how it brought me as a reader back to the present at the end. The perfect set up for what’s to come~ Thank you for writing for us!

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